Sheffield student's 'shame' over mess left by university peers

A Sheffield student has spoken of his ‘shame’ over the mess he says is created by his university peers each year.

Monday, 8th July 2019, 09:30 am
Updated Tuesday, 9th July 2019, 16:57 pm

He has spoken of his disgust at the amount of rubbish dumped on the streets by students at the University of Sheffield and Sheffield Hallam University.

Jonathan Drury, who is studying for a masters in coaching and mentoring at Hallam, has shared photos showing the extent of the waste spilling onto pavements in Sharrow, where he lives.

Rubbish on Sharrow Vale Road and Frog Walk, in Sharrow (pics: Jonathan Drury)

Although he cannot be sure students are responsible for all of it, he says there are often university-branded T-shirts or other tell-tale items among the junk indicating they are to blame.

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The rubbish is worst during the annual exodus each summer, as students clear their digs of the accumulated detritus, but Mr Drury says it is a year-round problem.

“The extent of fly-tipping around Sharrow is horrendous and if it is mostly students who are responsible, as the evidence appears to suggest, then I feel ashamed to be associated with them,” he said.

Rubbish on Sharrow Vale Road, in Sharrow (pic: Jonathan Drury)

“The bins around here are always overflowing and you get bags dumped on the streets, which split and attract rats. I’ve seen clothes all the way down Frog Walk and in the river. It’s a real nuisance.

“The vast majority of students here are probably alright but some have no regard for the city in which they live, where I was born. This is a good neighbourhood but they’re making it look like a shanty town.

“I think the universities could do more to encourage students to show more respect for the neighbourhoods in which they’re living.”

Students leaving each summer are encouraged by the universities to donate, reuse or recycle anything they’re not taking with them, and to responsibly dispose of whatever’s left by using the specially provided bags.

Rubbish on Sharrow Vale Road, in Sharrow (pic: Jonathan Drury)

James Merryclough, from the University of Sheffield, coordinates the ‘Donate, Don't Waste’ campaign run jointly by the universities, students’ unions and the council to cut down the amount of rubbish left behind.

He said: “Around 50,000 students move house in Sheffield at this time of year, which is a unique challenge and can create large amounts of waste. We aim to help students to responsibly manage their waste through the scheme.

“It encourages students to donate, reuse and recycle items wherever possible and provides a way to get rid of excess waste through a special sack collection service. The campaign has raised more than half a million pounds for the British Heart Foundation since 2013 through the donation of reusable items.

“Through this partnership we make every effort to have schemes and services in place preventing mess being created on roads and pavements by students as they leave their houses. Unfortunately, we do still encounter issues with mess, and areas can become untidy with spilled rubbish, which we appreciate is not pleasant for any residents. Working closely with the council, we make sure that issues are dealt with quickly and streets are cleaned as soon as possible."

Rubbish on Frog Walk, in Sharrow (pic: Jonathan Drury)

People can report issues with student waste to Veolia on 0114 203 7622, or general problems with litter and fly-tipping to Streets Ahead using the same number.

Rubbish on Sharrow Vale Road, in Sharrow (pic: Jonathan Drury)
Rubbish on Sharrow Vale Road, in Sharrow (pic: Jonathan Drury)