Sheffield shop owner wants to move 18-year-old business due to unresolved fly-tipping

A Sheffield shop owner says she is thinking of moving her business as she sees no end in sight for rampant fly-tipping happening right outside her doorstep.

Thursday, 15th July 2021, 11:39 am

Marie Mills, who owns M&M Tanning and Beauty Salon on Southey Hill Road, said the problem has been going on for years due to the recycling bins placed at the car park.

This has resulted in bulk rubbish such as mattresses, gas bottles, broken chairs, furniture and electrical items becoming a common sight since her business operated 18 years ago.

In addition to that, bags of rubbish including food waste are also discarded in front of the recycling bins, causing a rat infestation.

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Rubbish piles up on a daily basis at the car park. Picture by Kerry Addison

Numerous complaints have been made to Sheffield City Council and the local MP, she said, but they all have fallen on deaf ears.

She said: "I've been here over 18 years and since they put the bins up, we have been putting up with this. It's ridiculous. I've been in touch with the council and was told that bigger bins would be put up but that's not the problem.

"Even when the bins are being emptied, people would just chuck the rubbish near the bins. There have been rats and the smell is horrendous.

"All they said was they would come and move it (the rubbish) tomorrow but they're not preparing to solve the problem which is to move the bins somewhere else."

The recycling bins at the car park has caused problems to the shop owners in the area. Picture by Kerry Addison

She also recalled numerous occasions when the rubbish collectors couldn't empty the bins due to the piled up rubbish.

"I've even seen the bin man get on the phone and complain. There was so much rubbish in front of the bin they couldn't even get to the bins to empty them. So they left everything behind," she said.

She said the council workers would come three to four times a week to clear the bins but she said this will not stop the ongoing problem.

"The rubbish piles up on a daily basis. As soon as the bin men came and moved it, the people would come the next morning and it started again. This is never ending.

"Some people would come at night and pulling up during the day time. I had a lot of arguments that you would not believe."

Sheffield City Council has been contacted for a comment.