Sheffield SAS Gulf War veteran releases book detailing first hand account of the conflict

A Sheffield-born SAS soldier and Gulf War veteran who was deployed for the same mission as Andy McNab is publishing his account of the conflict.

Des Powell's book Bravo Three Zero, tells his story of being deployed behind enemy lines during the First Gulf War.
Des Powell's book Bravo Three Zero, tells his story of being deployed behind enemy lines during the First Gulf War.

Des Powell, from Darnall, Sheffield was a member of Bravo Three Zero, the sister patrol to Andy McNab and Chris Ryan’s famous Bravo Two Zero, which deployed deep behind enemy lines during the First Gulf War.

Des’ patrol were dropped in Iraq on a Scud hunting mission – searching for Saddam Hussein’s ballistic missiles which were being fired at Israel, threatening a third world war.

His book tells the remarkable story of the patrol as they strive to complete their mission with faulty communications, unsuitable vehicles and little cold weather clothing during a freezing Iraqi winter.

Des during his time in the SAS.

Des said: “In conflict you find that things go wrong all the time, things will not go to plan. But you have to just get on with the hand you have been dealt.

"Sheffield prepared me for military life - being a Yorkshireman you have that kind of grit. The whole feeling of the city itself has a feeling of strength. I could travel anywhere in the world and see Sheffield steel.

“Growing up in a working class area, it would have been so easy to go to the bad side and get involved in crime, but I went to the right side and did the right thing.”

Des will attend an event at Sheffield Library on November 4 where he will be interviewed and hold a Q and A about his book which was co-written with writer and war correspondent Damien Lewis.

Des will be speaking at Sheffield Library on Thursday, November 4.

He added: “I could see that Damien had written a lot about the regiment and I wanted to write about it in a good light as well. I thought Damien has got to be the number one guy to do it. Damien and I collaborated together, talked about the story and then it had to be put into words – but the story is the story, you can’t change it or dramatise it.”

Des said that writing a second book would depend on the success of the first, adding: “This is just one mission, there is more in the tank.”

Bravo Three Zero will be published on October 28, and free tickets for the library event can be booked here: