Sheffield runner’s marathon effort with a twist to raise more than £10,000 for Bluebell Wood Children’s Hospice

He’d done the hours of gruelling training pounding the pavements to get himself ready and had collected more than £10,000 in donations.

By The Newsroom
Tuesday, 30 April, 2019, 16:16

Nick Goodson was all set to join the record number of runners who took part in the London Marathon on Sunday.

But just days before the event, Nick, of Chapeltown, was dealt a devastating blow.

Nick Goodson in Crosspool

It wasn’t a last-minute injury, more he found out he actually didn't have a place in the run and was told there was nothing that could be done about it.

He could have been forgiven for sitting at home with his feet up but after drawing in thousands in donations for the Bluebell Wood Children’s Hospital, Nick completed his own marathon – around the streets of Sheffield rather than the capital.

Nick said: “I responded to an email about the event from JustGiving, got a sponsorship through and thought I was signed up. But I had misunderstood and I discovered just a few days before the race that I didn’t have a place at all.

Nick completed the run in five hours and five minutes. Picture: Nick Goodson.

“Despite lots of frantic pleas last week to get me a place somehow, it simply couldn’t be done.

“But I wasn’t going to be beaten. I thought: Sod it, I’ve done six months of training and everyone had been so generous with their donations. There was more than £10,000 in sponsorship riding on it.

“So I carried out my own little solo marathon around the streets of Sheffield on the day of the event. It was Sheffield’s old industrial Don Valley basin instead of Pall Mall for me.”

Nick Goodson in Hillsborough.

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Nick’s route saw him run past Meadowhall, through Crosspool, Hillsborough, and across the city.

He added: “I devised my own route online, took a screenshot of it with me and off I went. I ran the whole thing on my own with no supporters to cheer me on or hand out drinks.”

“It was the longest run I’ve ever done and I was alone with my thoughts but it was raising money for a good cause and I was determined to finish.

“It was five hours, five minutes of pain. I reckon I’d have done it a bit faster if I’d been at the real event.

Nick taking part in his own marathon.

“I missed out on the amazing atmosphere and Sheffield is a tad hillier than London so I hope people will forgive me for that.”

Madeleine Oldale, head of communications at Bluebell Wood Children’s Hospice: “We’re overwhelmed by Nick’s triumph over adversity. He must have been so disappointed when he discovered he wasn’t heading to London, yet he showed true grit and ran his own race rather than let everyone down.

“The hospice will be over £10,000 better off thanks to Nick’s perseverance.”

Nick Goodson during the run.