Sheffield rescue dogs: Cute pups at city shelter hopeful for a fresh start – including clever Bruno the Collie

There are currently 15 dogs seeking a kind owner to give them a new home and a fresh start at a dog kennel near the city. Can you help?

Thornberry Animal Sanctuary, is a charity based in North Anston, which is currently working on finding 15 beautiful dogs a forever home to live out the rest of their days.

Each of these loving dogs have their own history and story – some have entered the kennels after their previous owner could no longer look after them anymore, while others have come in without ever knowing what a loving home looks like. Whatever their history, they are all ready and raring to meet their new family and enjoy every day with treats and love for years to come.

The shelter is currently caring for many different breeds with their own temperaments and traits, from teeny Lulu, a loyal Shih Tzu who loves to learn, to long nosed Frederick, a sociable Greyhound who loves to sunbathe. Thornberry will work with all prospective owners to ensure they are matched with a dog that they are best-suited to, and vice versa.

Some of these dogs will need some training and plenty of patience as they settle into their new home. Thornberry will be on hand to provide support along the way.

All visits to Thornberry are by appointment only to reduce any stress on the animals in their day-to-day life. If you’re interested in any of the adorable dogs below, simply visit Thornberry’s website and fill out an animal enquiry form.

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