Sheffield pub sends message to customers after turning punter away for wearing a flat cap

A pub in Sheffield has defended its decision to turn away a punter who was wearing a flat cap, after its no hats policy was branded ‘ridiculous’.

Thursday, 5th December 2019, 1:47 pm
Updated Thursday, 5th December 2019, 3:21 pm

Mark Crawshaw claims he wasn’t allowed in to The Thorncliffe Arms in Chapeltown at the weekend because he was sporting the traditional headgear.

He took exception and, posting on social media, commented: “Has anyone else had the same happen to them? In my opinion it’s a ridiculous policy!”

He continued: “I’ve been wearing a flat cap for several years and I’ve been drinking in many self-respecting pubs around Sheffield and never been asked to remove it before!”

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The Thorncliffe Arms in Chapeltown, Sheffield (pic: Google)

But the pub has defended its approach, pointing out that hats of any kind are prohibited as part of its licensing rules.

Becka O’loughlin, responding on behalf of the landlord, Amanda, said: “This is to create a safe and welcoming environment for our lovely customers. If anything was to happen we would then easily be able to identify people involved via CCTV without their face being hidden by hats or hoodies. Due to this we wouldn’t want to discriminate so it’s one rule for all.

“We are aware that in the past our pub has a ‘rough’ reputation, as stated by someone on these comments. However, we urge you to come in for a drink and understand how much the pub has changed in recent years.

“We have friendly staff, cheap drinks and live music on weekends. We also have a quiz night on Thursdays.

“We understand we can’t always be everyone’s cup of tea but we take all feedback on board and try to make the pub the best we can for our staff and customers!”

Mr Crawshaw’s experience prompted several people to question why anyone would want to wear a hat indoors.

Carl McKeown asked: “Do they allow baseball caps? Why would you be wearing a hat inside?”

Maureen Fisher pointed out: “All hats and hoodies are refused but you can always take it off.”

And Perry Wilkes said: “It's a door policy that you will find in any self-respecting pub. Caps hide faces from CCTV so if you're not intending to kick off taking your cap off isn't an issue.”