'Sheffield people are brilliant': Mum thanks bystanders who came to the aid of her daughter 17 who passed out on a Super tram

A grateful Sheffield mum has thanked a big hearted NHS worker who came to the aid of her teenage daughter after she passed out on a Supertram.

Friday, 31st January 2020, 2:10 pm

Sports and science student Niamh Dunstan was on her way to Hillsborough college with her boyfriend on a packed tram this morning when she fainted.

Fortunately for the 17-year-old Niamh, a female NHS worker came to her aid and looked after her and made sure she was safe.

Her grateful mum Jennifer Jones of Arbourthorne has paid tribute to the lady and others who rallied to help her daughter.

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Niamh Dunstan 17, wants to thank the people who helped her after she passed out.

Jennifer, 38 said: “There was an NHS worker on the tram who Niamh described as a white lady with grey hair wearing a Children's Hospital lanyard, who came to her aid

“The lady put my daughter in the recovery position.

“She she only blacked out for a minute or two to but remembers none of this - only coming round on the floor with a coat under her head.

“The lady stayed with my daughter ensuring that she was safe until she came to.

“When my daughter got off the tram at her stop three other women who were passengers on the tram approached her to check she was OK and offered to buy something to eat.

“Luckily my daughter's boyfriend Ollie, who was with was with her and had caught her when she passed out, took her to get some nourishment.

“Niamh is fine if a little shaken up by what happened – she is so grateful.

“But they were so grateful for all the offers of support and especially for the NHS worker having tended to Niamh.

“Myself and my family want to say a huge thank you to those people who looked after Niamh today. Community spirit and kindness are alive and well in Sheffield.”

The incident happened 8:45am as the tram pulled towards Malin Bridge. Niamh and Ollie were in such a panic they didn't get the ladies name.

Jennifer added: “We don’t know who the people were – it would be brilliant if the Star could help us thank them.”