Sheffield named in top 10 UK places where you are most likely to be cheated on

Sheffield has been named one of the worst places in Britain for people cheating on their partner.

The UK’s ten worst towns where you’re most likely to be cheated on have been revealed – and Sheffield is right up their at the top.

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First night sex leads to romance for third of Sheffield couples, survey reveals

Only Birmingham, London and York rank higher in the list of places where people are likely to have one night stands or full-blown affairs.

Sheffield is a love cheat capital of the UK.

New research by iD mobile has found that 14% of people in Sheffield admitted to cheating.

In Birmingham, London and York, a shocking 16 per cent of people surveyed admitted that they were currently being unfaithful.

The survey was part of iD Mobile's #BeUnfaithful campaign which encourages people to cheat on their current phone network and save an average of £212.

Unsurprisingly, the most common reasons people owned up to cheating were being stifled in the relationship, growing apart from their partner, or drunkenly taking a fancy to someone on a night out.

That said 18 per cent of cheaters said they were so overcome with guilt that they owned up to their infidelity.

And while they might not have actually done the dirty on their partner, a further 16 per cent of people surveyed admitted that their heads have been turned at one point or another.