Sheffield mums form a choir to send politicians a clear message ahead of COP26 climate summit

A Sheffield mum has formed a choir to send politicians a message about the importance of taking climate change seriously ahead of COP26 this weekend.

By Steven Ross
Monday, 25th October 2021, 3:06 pm
Cat Tuck (centre right in a checked shirt), with the other mums and two school students involved in the choir.
Cat Tuck (centre right in a checked shirt), with the other mums and two school students involved in the choir.

She has been so unimpressed with the lack of leadership by world politicians to tackle the potential effects of climate breakdown – especially on our youngest generation - for so long that she has decided to send politicians a very clear message.

Cat Tuck, a working mother, set herself a challenge of forming a mums’ choir, re-writing and rehearsing a song, recording a studio soundtrack and video and for release on YouTube – all in just ten days.

The Sheffield Mums’ Voices for Action track “It takes a Worried Mum” will be released ahead of the international climate change summit on 31st October. And Cat is aiming to do all this for the first time ever without any experience or musical training.

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Reuben, one of the violinists, took part in a climate protest in Sheffield City Centre.

Cat said: “Scientists have known since Victorian times about the harm carbon emissions would cause our planet, yet all through the 20th century politicians did nothing.”

“Despite repeated warnings from people like David Attenborough, our so-called leaders chose to do nothing, keeping a fossil-fuelled economy grinding along – and keeping their own jobs and investments safe!”

“COP26 has been identified as our last chance to take real action to limit temperature increases if we – and our kids - are to avoid catastrophic changes in global weather, but I have no faith that any of our leaders have the backbone to do what’s needed.”

The mums have been joined by Tapton High School pupil, Mia, who sings a solo and two Hallam Primary School students, Zimo and Ruben, who play a violin accompaniment.

The mums at a rehearsal.

“While I feel I owe it to my son to speak out, I’m a busy working mum; whatever I did had to fit in between swimming classes and violin lessons - and I don’t want to inconvenience other working families in the action that I take. I’ve got no musical training, but I figured that if the Military Wives can do it, then maybe so can a bunch of Sheffield mums!”

“The timing is tight but, as they say, if you want something doing…ask a busy mum!”

The new hit track “Worried Mum” is available to watch on YouTube here.