Sheffield mum starts public toilet petition after filming sobbing daughter’s experience

A Sheffield mum whose video of her sobbing daughter pleading to use the toilet went viral has started a petition for more public loos.

By Robert Cumber
Friday, 26th March 2021, 11:02 am

Lucinda Taylor-Milne shared the distressing footage of her two-year-old daughter Lola’s desperation in an attempt to highlight the need for more publicly accessible toilets in Sheffield city centre after being turned away by four shops and cafes.

The 33-year-old from Southey Green says the lack of loos is not only a problem in Sheffield, with numbers having declined nationally in recent years, and she insists something must be done to protect what she calls a ‘basic human function and right’.

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Lucinda Taylor-Milne shared footage of her daughter crying in Sheffield

In a petition to the Government, launched on the website, she writes: “We as the public are slowly been driven in to private businesses and in some cases extreme lengths to use the toilet.

"I would like parliament and all local councils to take responsibility and bring more toilets back to well travelled areas such as the high street...

“Recently my two-year-old had been refused by multiple places, who had toilets but due to Covid-19 had closed them, but it has now come out that people with disabilities and life long/long-term illnesses are also being refused.

"This need to be addressed so please sign my petition to make a change, maybe not for yourself but for others who may not want to complain or can't complain. Stand up for those who may have had an accident due to being refused or nothing nearby.”