Sheffield mum ‘left with nothing’ after fire ravages home she’s lived in for 35 years

A Sheffield mum is struggling to get back on her feet after her home of 35 years was badly damaged by an early morning fire last week.

Wednesday, 2nd June 2021, 10:47 am

On May 25 at around 1am, 56-year-old Joy Needham was awakened by thick smoke but she managed to make an escape as the fire ravaged her home.

Her son, Phil Needham, 31 said his mum, who works as a cleaner, is "potentially left with nothing" after the fire, which started from the kitchen.

"The fire service have confirmed that the fire was started in the kitchen at the back of the cooker where there was a faulty wire and gas pipe that had a tiny leak.

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The kitchen was completely destroyed by the fire. Picture by Phil Needham

"As a result, my mum has lost everything. The fire has completely destroyed the kitchen and dining room, it has also caused smoke damage throughout the house.

"We are also devastated to say that the house wasn't insured at the time of the fire," he said.

The father-of-two said his mum is currently living with him as he finds ways to repair the house through donations that he is currently raising.

Admitting that a large sum of money is needed for that purpose, Phil said they are also trying to apply for council property, so she could at least get a roof over her head.

The bedroom walls were magnolia but they have turned black due to the thick smoke. Picture by Phil Needham

"She's on my sofa at the moment and I have two young kids on my own, to be honest, it is not that ideal, so we are trying to get her council housing," he said.

Phil, who launched a GoFundMe page to repair the home he and his brother grew up in, has so far raised over £1,000.

He wrote: "I really didn’t want to have to do this with our world at the moment but we don’t know where else to turn.

"We are desperately trying to raise as much money as possible as quickly as possible to cover the costs that would have otherwise been covered by home insurance (basic necessities for my mum so she can try to rebuild her life).

What the kitchen looks like now after everything was removed. Phil said the floor was rotten and will also require replacing. Picture by Phil Needham.

"I understand that times are tough for everyone at the moment, but if you can spare anything at all, I know it would mean the world to my mum."

If you’d like to donate, please go here.

The dining room floor also needs fixing. Picture by Phil Needham.