Sheffield mum dazzles neighbours with her festive window display

A Sheffield mum hmade it her mission to spread some Christmas joy in her neighbourhood with festive window lights.

Saturday, 21st December 2019, 8:00 am
Updated Wednesday, 1st January 2020, 11:21 am

Mum-of-three, Bee Atkins had the idea after speaking to a neighbour about what they could do to brighten things up in their neighbourhood when she came up with an idea for homes in the area to display a window trail of light dipslays, based on advent.

“I sent out a message to everyone I knew and said, right, I’ve got this idea to have a window trail of light displays to go with advent. I was keen to create that kind of excitement at Christmas and advent.” She said.

“I remember being a kid and really enjoying looking forward to certain things at Christmas. Tradition is important at times like Christmas and it’s nice to have something to look forward to.”

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One of the festive window displays
One of the festive window displays

Bee added that she hopes for this to become a community tradition that children in the area look forward to seeing every Christmas.

She began spreading the word on Facebook and started looking for 24 people willing to take part in this festive community spirit in line with the 24 days before Christmas day and found that the response to the idea was so popular that she may do the same again next year.

Her children’s school, Malin Bridge Primary, have even taken part.

Bee said: “Everyone has a day to do a window and then people send me the pictures. It’s just a free, kid-friendly thing to do at Christmas and people have been sharing it on Facebook.”

A mum's idea for spreading a bit of joy this Christmas with Advent. Third day of Advent Window Lights

There have been similar events by STC church in Crookes but in October, where a similar idea of bringing out warm light through people’s windows during the dark evenings of autumn started a year or two ago.

“This is just something positive to share and something for the children to do. Like STC’s Streets of light we’re just doing it out of no other motivation but for the community. Having small kids and doing something simple like this spreads joy. I think that there is so much division in the country today, especially with the current general election results, it’s really important to unite over something positive.”

A Mum's idea for spreading a bit of joy this Christmas with Advent. 7th day window display for Hillsborough Advent window lights.
A Mum's idea for spreading a bit of joy this Christmas with Advent. 16th Day of the Advent calendar window in Hillsborough