Sheffield house builder Sky-House Co goes green with carbon reduction agreement

How the new Oughtibridge development will lookHow the new Oughtibridge development will look
How the new Oughtibridge development will look
Sheffield house builder Sky-House Co is going green with a new deal that will ensure a raft of upcoming projects have a massively reduced carbon footprint.

The company has agreed a sponsorship package with Carbon Footprint Ltd, the organisation that has pledged to track and reduce carbon emissions at source as much as possible and to compensate for unavoidable emissions via carbon offsetting.

The ultimate aim is to ensure that activities are net zero carbon/carbon neutral.

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For Sky-House the contract will have an immediate impact on it’s current developments at Oughtibridge and Fox Valley in the north of Sheffield

And will also impact work on the second phase of the Sky-House Waverley development, which is now under way.

The Sky-House concept - a 21st century take on the Victorian back-to-back house created by the team at CODA Architects - was designed from the start to embrace the latest environmental developments.

“Our partnership with Carbon Footprint Ltd is not something we had to do but it is something that we want to,” said Sky-House Co founder and director David Cross.

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“This is an international movement that we want to be a part of, it shows our commitment to the environment and we are very pleased that it will have an impact on our current major projects.

“Oughtibridge, Fox Valley and the second phase of the Waverley development will be gas neutral by 2025 and the emphasis at every stage construction will be on utilising solar energy and also concentrating on the installation of the latest in glazing and insulation.

“Our developments will be carbon neutral in construction and energy efficient on completion.

“We believe that the people who invest in the Sky-House concept expect a standard of living that is compliant with the needs of the environment and with this agreement and commitment we believe we can deliver.”

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