Sheffield headteacher thanks parents for clever way of socially distancing outside school

A parent at a Sheffield primary school has found an inventive way to pass the time while socially distancing at the school gate waiting to pick up his child.

Tuesday, 15th September 2020, 12:22 pm

Numerous schools across Sheffield have announced that they have positive cases of Covid-19, and others are having problems with the new restrictions and guidance.

The Star reported last week that there was a lack of social distancing by parents at a number of schools across the city, including at the Chaucer School gates, with one parent branding it a ‘free for all’ and talking of being ‘nervous’.

However, one school is bucking the trend and is thanking its ‘brilliant’ parents for their innovative approach to safely collecting for their children.

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Parents at Arbourthorne Community Primary School are arriving to collect their children equipped with their own camping chairs, drinks and books to keep them entertained while they maintain a safe distance from one another.

The headteacher wanted to thank parents for embracing the new normal way of collecting their children.

Kate Ellison, co-head of Arbourthorne Community Primary School, said: “Each and every one of our families at Arbourthorne has embraced our new ways of working to ensure everyone’s safety on our return to whole school opening so well.

"We understood this could be an anxious time, and we have been overwhelmed by the positive support and thanks our families have given us.

Arbourthorne Community Primary School.

"It has been wonderful to see the children return to school so happily.”

The school posted a picture of one particular parent on Twitter, who had brought his own camping chair to recline in the sun whilst waiting at the gates.

Kate added: "This brilliant parent takes the opportunity to arrive early, sit in the sunshine and read a book or watch a film on his phone while he waits for the gates to open and safely collect his child - we salute him!

"Our community are so great at making the best out of tricky situations. We are a team.”

This parent has embraced the new normal by bringing his own seating and entertainment to the socially distanced school gates.

Staff and pupils from Arourthorne Primary School returned on Wednesday, September 2.

The school does not currently have a confirmed case of Covid-19.