Sheffield grandad hoping to get fundraising on track to take terminally-ill grandson to Disneyland

A devoted Sheffield granddad is calling on the public to help him raise enough money to take his terminally-ill grandson to Disneyland.

Thursday, 9th May 2019, 1:27 pm
Updated Friday, 31st May 2019, 3:47 pm

Kevan Adams’s four-year-old grandson Jordan Reid has an a-typical teratoid/rhabdoid and suffers with chest pains and struggles with his breathing.

The spreading of the tumour to his neck has caused thickening in his throat and the fusing of his vocal chords, leaving him unable to speak or eat.

His grandfather Kevan, aged 57 of Owlerton, set out on a mission to pack Jordan's life with love and joy. He is working on a number of projects to help raise money for Jordan and other children who suffer from a similar condition.

He said: “I came up with the idea of a model railway. I am a member of Sheffield Model Railway Society and I wanted to use this interest in a really positive manner. I felt it represented Jordan well as he is a huge Thomas the Tank Engine fan.

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"It's a great way to bring people together. I am disabled myself so I knew I would need some help but the support I have received has been brilliant.

“The whole project is about a little boy and what we are trying to do for him and other children like him. That makes a big difference as everyone working on the layout is motivated on the same thing.

"Plenty of people have came on board to help out . I was very proud to see it at the Warley excibition in 2018 and on the TV programme 'The biggest little railway in the world' on Channel Four.

"I hope to take the model on many exhibitions around the country. Thousands of people attend these sorts of events and I feel it would be a great way to raise money there isn't enough research into Jordan's condition."

But Kevan has a problem – the railway is around 20ft long and 20ft wide and he needs somewhere to store it when it is not being enjoyed by youngsters.

He added: “We have spent around a year-and-a-half buliding the model and it would be great if we could find a long term space for it."

Kevan also hopes to take Jordan up to the top of Ben Nevis on the July 20.

The aim of the event is to help the family raise enough money to take Jordan to Disneyland and also to raise money for the charity Cash for kids.

Kevan said:"It would mean the world to Jordan to go to Disneyland and visit his favourite Marvel heroes, he is a massive fan of Spiderman and the Avengers.

"It is going to be a huge struggle due to Jordan's condition but it will be a great way to raise awareness of the condition. We are also hoping to take part of the railway to the top of Ben Nevis, we really want as many people as possible to get involved."

Brave Jordan was diagnosed on June 26, 2016 just before his second birthday.

Kevan said: “I kept going to different doctors and being told it was a virus. We were on holiday near Darlington and for the whole week he barely moved of my knee. After many visits to the hospital we discovered the terrible news that Jordan had a brain tumour and it was a rare type of cancer.

"We want to try and educate parents and people about the type of cancer and what it does to children. We are ultimately hoping to raise over £20,000 at the moment donations are coming from all over."

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