Sheffield family join forces for charity

left to right: Val McDonald, Oliver Cornish and Jenine Cornishleft to right: Val McDonald, Oliver Cornish and Jenine Cornish
left to right: Val McDonald, Oliver Cornish and Jenine Cornish | Other 3rd Party
When Brian McDonald was cared for by Marie Curie nurses in his final days his family vowed to fundraise for the charity.

Fast forward 15 years and Brian’s wife Val, his daughter Jenine Cornish and her 13-year old son – Oliver Cornish – got involved with the charity during annual campaigns such as the Great Daffodil Appeal.

The family, from Hillsborough, Sheffield, started fundraising for the charity after nurses cared for Brian McDonald during the final days of his life following a battle with pancreatic cancer.

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It was Brain’s dying wish to spend his final days in the comfort and familiar surroundings of his own home and this was only made possible thanks for the intervention of the charity.

Jenine explained: “I’ve been a practice nurse for over 32-years so was always aware of Marie Curie but it wasn’t until our family came into contact with the nurses that I realised what an incredible charity it is.

“Experiencing first-hand their dedication and level of care at such an incredibly difficult time was truly amazing. They helped make my Dad’s final few days more comfortable and gave us practical and emotional support too.

“Fundraising is our way of giving a little something back and if we can make a small contribution to ensuring more people receive the same wonderful care and dignity that we as a family gained, our efforts are completely worthwhile.”

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Rebecca Bramley, Marie Curie Community Fundraiser, added: “We’re so grateful that the family has come together to help us raise funds to support more local people across Sheffield. The fact that they’ve collected for over 15-years is an amazing feat and we’re very grateful for all their efforts and hard work.”

If you have been inspired by reading Jenine’s story and would like to volunteer for Marie Curie then please do not hesitate to contact Rebecca Bramley on 01274 386190 / 07525 392984 or email [email protected] for more information.