Sheffield electrician with terminal cancer wants 'one last blast' in Benidorm - but he needs your help to get him there

The family of a Sheffield electrician who could have just months to live are determined to give him ‘one last blast’ in Benidorm.

By Robert Cumber
Thursday, 6th June 2019, 9:37 am
Alan Taylor wants 'one last blast' in Benidorm after being diagnosed with terminal cancer
Alan Taylor wants 'one last blast' in Benidorm after being diagnosed with terminal cancer

Alan Taylor, of Stannington, has stage three pancreatic cancer and has been told he has anywhere from a few months to just over a year before it kills him.

His devastated family are planning a big holiday for the fun-loving 69 year-old, known to pals simply as ‘Taylor’, where it is hoped at least 50 relatives and friends will be able join him for a final hurrah.

Alan Taylor wants 'one last blast' in Benidorm after being diagnosed with terminal cancer

But first they must raise the money to cover the inflated cost of travel insurance for Alan, for which they have been quoted up to £2,500.

They have launched a JustGiving page, which has already raised £750, and are organising an auction and raffle to pay for the trip and raise money for Weston Park Hospital, where Alan this week began chemotherapy.

Alan’s daughter Jade said: “The first thing Dad said when he got the prognosis was ‘I’m going to Benidorm’, and we want to make sure he gets his one last blast over there.

Alan Taylor with his wife Mandy, daughter Jade and Jade's partner Matthew Saccomando

“We’ve been told that if his treatment goes as planned he will have just over a year left but if not it will be months, so we’re hoping to fly out in September after he’s finished chemotherapy and before he begins radiotherapy.

“Everything Dad’s done in his life he’s always done to the full and if we can make this trip happen for him it would be mad. It would mean so much to him.

“Everyone says how they can’t understand how he stays so upbeat given what’s happened. It’s hard to get sad when you’re with him because he’s always so positive and fun to be around.”

Alan, who grew up in Attercliffe, works for National Grid as an electrician and his job has taken him across the country, from London to Scotland, with his infectious personality helping him make many friends on his travels.

The father-of-one is a regular at The Rose and Crown Inn and The Crown and Glove in his home village, and both pubs are doing their bit for his cause.

The former is hosting a fundraising night on August 17, from 7.30pm, with the proceeds being split between the holiday appeal and Weston Park Cancer Charity.

The Crown and Glove, meanwhile, has already raised nearly £200 for Alan by donating the proceeds from its weekly raffle.

Jade told how her father has always been a bit of a party animal and his voice is usually the first you’ll hear when you walk into one of his favourite drinking haunts.

Before being diagnosed with cancer in April, she added, he had a reputation as being ‘made of steel’ because he was never sick and would not even get hangovers, to the envy of drinkers many years his junior.

Several businesses, including Sheffield United, Sheffield Wednesday and Bradfield and Abbeydale breweries, have already generously provided items for the auction and raffle.

But Jade and her family are still looking for more prizes, and she has asked people to call her on 07985731767 or email [email protected] if they can help.