Sheffield club night organisers and DJ in Facebook row after 'altercation'

A famous Sheffield dance brand and a big-name DJ have started an online row after a dispute reportedly ended in an ‘altercation’.

By Robert Cumber
Sunday, 29th December 2019, 6:39 pm
Updated Monday, 30th December 2019, 3:38 pm

The trance DJ Signum, who has nearly 55,000 Facebook followers, was due to play at Gatecrasher’s All White Long Xmas Party at Area Sheffield in the city centre on Saturday night but claimed to have pulled out following a dispute with Gatecrasher’s managers.

Posting on Facebook, the artist apologised to any disappointed fans but said the no-show was down to an argument over payment which had descended into violence.

Signum claimed he was not the only artist those in charge of Gatecrasher had failed to pay.

An 'altercation' reportedly took place during Gatecrasher's All White Long Xmas Party at Area Sheffield in the city centre (pic: Google)

“It was a miserable night. You guys don't even know 0.01 per cent of all the **** that goes on over there, and I will not go into detail about everything,” added the DJ.

“Again, I'm truly sorry for not performing last night but enough is enough. Hope you'll understand this.”

Gatecrasher responded by issuing a statement on its Facebook page denying claims that artists were not being paid and saying that although an ‘altercation’ did take place in the green room neither Gatecrasher’s management nor anyone from Area Sheffield was involved.

“Gatecrasher does not condone the use of violence in any circumstances and strenuously denies any wrongdoing or involvement in violence at any level,” it wrote.

Gatecrasher said security staff were called to intervene after the altercation broke out and had ‘promptly managed the incident’.

“Both parties were offered medical assistance in line with the venue policies and procedures, which was declined. All involved in the incident were asked to leave the building,” it added.

The club insisted all DJs would be paid in full regardless of whether they had performed or not.

“Gatecrasher has reached out to both parties to attempt to mediate and resolve,” it added.