Sheffield charity responds to alleged racial abuse by staff member in Instagram video

A Sheffield homelessness charity says it is taking a video which reportedly shows one of its staff members racially abusing another person “extremely seriously”.

Tuesday, 10th August 2021, 11:39 am
Roundabout Chief Executive Ben Keegan has responded to a video reportedly showing a member of staff racially abusing another person

A video was posted on Instagram over the weekend allegedly showing a woman in the Sharrow area making racist remarks at another person.

After the video was shared, members of the public commented that the woman in question was a member of staff from the Roundabout Charity.

The video has since been removed.

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Now Roundabout’s chief executive, Ben Keegan, has responded to the video, saying his organisation is taking its contents “extremely seriously”.

Mr Keegan said in a statement: “This video has been brought to our attention and we are taking its content extremely seriously.

"Roundabout has a long history of promoting anti-discriminatory practice and we will be dealing with this issue in accordance with our very clear policy of zero tolerance towards all discriminatory behaviour.”

Roundabout is a South Yorkshire homelessness support charity for people aged 16 to 25.