Sheffield barber shop owner expresses 'frustration' over damage caused by bus smash

The owner of a barber shop left badly damaged in a bus crash a fortnight ago has expressed his frustration at losing business over the incident.

Thursday, 13th February 2020, 2:18 pm

A bus operated by Central Travel suddenly lost control and collided with Stay Fresh Barbers in Handsworth Road, Handsworth, on January 30, at 7.50am.

The shop remains closed almost two weeks later due to the extensive damage caused in the collision.

shop co-owner Neville Clarke, aged 40, has been left frustrated at the slow progress in dealing with the aftermath of the incident.

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Neville Clarke and Stacey Smith in front of their damaged business.

He said: "I am frustrated. We are still waiting for the assessment of the overall damage to the shop. We don't even know if the building is structurally safe.

"The longer these investigations go on for, the more customers I lose."

Mr Clarke added: "The longer I have no work, the sooner bills due to be paid will arrive. I'm not even sure I have enough money to pay my rent this month. It is very frustrating and quite worrying."

The bus, carrying 24 children, was taking the youngsters to three schools. in Sheffield including Birkdale School and Sheffield High School for Girls.

Shortly after the crash, shop co-owner Stacey Swift told the BBC: “I'm fuming. I don't understand how it happened. Why our shop? We've been open just under a year, so we've lost everything.”

A number were taken to hospital for treatment.

A spokesperson for Central Travel said there were no serious injuries during the incident and added investigations are underway.