Sheffield ‘Banksy’ leaves giant sculpture outside city museum

Sheffield’s answer to Banksy has struck again after leaving a giant sculpture outside a city museum.

Saturday, 30th November 2019, 3:56 pm

Robin Loxley – an elusive artist who has hit the headlines recently after giving away thousands of pounds in cash and gold – left the artwork outside the Kelham Island Museum last night.

The sculpture is around six feet tall, made of stone and shows a pair of scissors, in homage to the city’s industrial past.

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Mystery ‘Robin Hood’ gives away hundreds of pounds on the streets of Sheffield

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Robin Loxley's calling card - the Robin Hood silhouette - on a Sheffield street.

Photos on Robin Loxley's Instagram account show the sculpture being delivered on the back of a lorry before being cut out of its plastic covering.

A message says ‘Scissors’ was his trubute to the city's famous cutlery industry and is meant to highlight the decline of industry and manufacturing in England.

He said: “This piece was created and carefully selected location because this area was an industrial area and is now nearly all housing.

“Sheffield was known for its amazing making skills and high quality making. Please keep industry going in England and buy local it really dose keep jobs in our towns and cities.”

Robin Loxley's 'Scissors' sculpture outside Kelham Island Museum.

The artist said he chose the location and dates to coincide with the Kelham Island Victoria Market, which takes place this weekend.

As well as the stone scuplture, Robin also left two other pieces of art – a Robin Hood silhouette on a city street and a canvas – Don't Cry Over Spilt Coffee – in Kelham Deli.

He said: “I carefully selected Kelham Deli as the recipient because not only are they one of the first 1000 followers they also are an environmentally friendly business using no plastic and eco friendly packing.

“This is my dig at the larger coffee retailers not doing their bit. Last night I gained entry to the premise without prior arrangement or permission to install my work then secured the premises back up after.

Robin Loxley's 'Don't Cry Over Spilt Coffee' at Kelham Deli.

“I then acquired a beautiful chocolate brownie installing art is hungry work. I can say it was very nice too!

“For this privilege I left £20.00 to cover the brownie I think that should stop him calling the police.

“As no crime has taken place only trespass and I think I compensated the owners well they can keep the art to. If the owner has a claim against me I’m more than happy to talk.

“Please shop local and support our environment.”

Earlier this year, Robin Loxley hit the headlines after leaving cash in plain sight on lampposts and signs in Sheffield as well as giving his Instragram followers gold ingots worth hundreds of pounds.

He told the Star in October that he had styled himself on Robin Hood as a reference to the city’s claim to be the birthplace of the legendary outlaw.

While more often associated with Nottinghamshire and Sherwood Forest, the mythical figure is reputed to have been born in the Sheffield area village of Loxley.

Robin Loxley posts all his stunts on the Instagram social media platform and can be found at

He also has a website at