Russia Ukraine war: Volunteer teachers needed to help Ukrainian children displaced by crisis

A Sheffield charity is looking for volunteer teachers in the UK to help the displaced children impacted by the ongoing crisis in Ukraine.

Thursday, 24th March 2022, 12:57 pm

Helping Hands Training Specialists said it has partnered with Ukraine-based Camp-IT, a service that provides volunteer teachers the necessary tools and resources to help teach the affected children.

Camp-IT will provide a secure platform service including classes, activities, courses, clubs, and events which can be accessed both online and offline in all parts of Europe to help the children who have been left traumatised from the escalating war.

It said: “These children have experience significant amounts of trauma that no child at their age should have to experience. This will continue to have detrimental effects on both their physical and mental development and wellbeing if left untreated.

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MARCH 22: A Ukrainian family who fled Kyiv, Ukraine, on March 24th wait with their luggage before being allowed to cross the San Ysidro Port of Entry into the United States to seek asylum on March 22, 2022 in Tijuana, Mexico. U.S. authorities have recently been allowing Ukrainian refugees to enter the U.S. at the Southern border in Tijuana with permission to remain in the U.S. on humanitarian parole for one year. (Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images)

“Therefore, to help support Camp-IT with this growing and inspirational service, Helping Hands, in partnership with our friends at Modern Therapies UK, are providing free trauma informed practices training to all the volunteers who are going to be providing free education for Ukrainian children.”

Modern Therapies UK, it said, will help provide trauma training in schools and social settings across Sheffield, creating environments for children to feel welcome, inclusive, comfortable, and able to be open regarding any difficulties they may be facing.

It has professional psychotherapists, specialising in developmental trauma and its symptoms, and is a certified provider of the safe and sound protocol, brain spotting therapy and neuro affective relational model therapy.

Helping Hands added: “This training course will help the teachers to understand trauma and to develop their essential skills, understanding and knowledge to be able to tackle this problem and support those children who may be experiencing trauma because of this devastating war.

"This course will provide the volunteer teachers with the tools needed to support a child or young person dealing with any form of trauma and build lasting resilience within them to better support their psychological and emotional recovery.

“We hope that by providing this essential free training courses to these volunteer teachers, we can help to support all the children who are having to flee their home country because of this conflict and work towards minimising the profound effects this will continue to have their development, growth, and education.”

Please visit the Camp-IT website here for more information.

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