RSPCA Sheffield: 'Loneliest dog in Yorkshire' still looking for new home after two and a half years in care

This poor Sheffield pooch has been dubbed the ‘loneliest dog in Yorkshire’ after spending more than two and a half years in the RSPCA's care.

Tuesday, 21st June 2022, 3:22 pm
Updated Tuesday, 21st June 2022, 4:11 pm

Layla, a black whippet crossbreed, aged approximately four years old, has been in care for 925 days and has spent a heartbreaking 212 days looking for a new home, with the RSPCA still looking for that one ‘special person’ to take her on.

Having come into RSPCA Sheffield’s care in 2020 as part of a welfare investigation, the animal welfare charity has described Layla’s ongoing search for her forever home as ‘heartbreaking’, but it is determined to find her a loving place in which to live.

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Layla is believed to be the 'loneliest dog in Yorkshire' having spent over two and a half years in RSPCA care.

“Due to her being part of an RSPCA cruelty investigation she has been in our care for 925 days,” said a spokesperson for RSPCA Sheffield. “She has been looking for her new forever home for a heartbreaking 212 of those days.

“We know she isn't as cute as a fluffy puppy but what our girl lacks in society’s view of being desirable she makes up for in character.”

Layla is a really clever girl who can find scents on command, knows tricks of all varieties, can do basic agility, and is well into being muzzle-trained to help keep her safe in scary situations.

Sadly, due to the demons Layla carries from her horrible past, she does find a lot of things in her life to be scary – a lot of her behaviours come from a place of fear and lack of trust.

Layla is believed to be the 'loneliest dog in Yorkshire' having spent over two and a half years in RSPCA care.

However, Layla is a very lovely dog, and her true character is loyal, funny, clever and cuddly. It is just important for her to know that her new human isn’t going to hurt her as people have before.

Layla bonds much better with females rather than males and, due to a quite high prey drive, Layla isn’t suitable to live with cats or small furries. Whilst spending time in a foster home, she did become house trained and her dog reactivity decreased hugely to the point she could walk around other dogs at a distance.

Layla would much rather not share her favourite humans, space or resources with another pooch in the home.

Layla is believed to be the 'loneliest dog in Yorkshire' having spent over two and a half years in RSPCA care.

"Once she trusts you our girl will love you with every inch of her,” said an RSPCA Sheffield spokesperson. “She loves hard and unconditionally - we just need to find that special someone that is happy to work with Layla to get to that point.

"We know it may seem a lot to ask but we just really need that one special person that can see all she can be, and is happy to support her while getting there- it's the very least she deserves after what she has been through."

The RSPCA Sheffield and Layla continue their search to find her perfect forever home after a tough and long period in care.

If you are able to offer Layla her perfect forever home, you can apply via email at: [email protected]

More information on Layla can be found here.