Revealing figures of new survey into the nation's working habits during lockdown

55 per cent of office-based Brits are currently working from home, according to a new survey of the nation’s working habits during lockdown.

Friday, 26th June 2020, 12:34 pm
Revealing figures of new survey into the nation's working habits during lockdown

According to the statistics, gathered by Atlas Cloud, four in five of these office workers believe the lockdown has proven they can work effectively from home, and more than half believe their company should be doing more to help them work productively from home.

The living room has proven to be our favourite place to work, with 25 per cent of us hunkering down on the sofa to do a day’s work, while other popular choices include a study, bedroom, and dining room, with just eight per cent opting to work in the kitchen.

A quarter of workers are using a personal laptop for homeworking, and more than half of those are storing work files on their personal devices, raising concerns about the security of business information.

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Poor performance of home internet connection is an issue giving 34 per cent of us a headache, while other common issues include a disjointed user experience (24 per cent), inability to access files required for work (22 per cent), and poor performance of device used for work (20 per cent).

Pete Watson, Atlas Cloud CEO, said: “Marking a month since the lockdown was announced, our research shows that the majority of office workers believe they need more help from their employers to cope with the technological challenges of working from home.

“However, the research also shows that office workers may not be working from home as safely from a business and cyber security perspective as they could be.

“This should not at all be a blame game. Businesses and office workers face a national emergency of the kind we have never seen before and the aim for IT support companies is to help British businesses perform as well as they can do during this time.

“We anticipate that among the largest changes we’ll see to our working lives as a result of the coronavirus pandemic is a much larger proportion of Britain’s workforce working from home more often and a change in how British businesses manage their IT and handle business information.”