Revealed: The 10 worst things to say to a Sheffield woman during sex

The ten worst things to say to both men and women during sex have been revealed by a new survey.

Wednesday, 10th April 2019, 12:46 pm
Updated Wednesday, 10th April 2019, 2:45 pm

The new study has unveiled the things that you definitely shouldn’t say to a woman during the heat of passion – unless you want those frisky moments beneath the sheets ruined with a cringeworthy comment.


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These are the things you should never say during sex

And a top ten of the things that men don’t want to hear in the bedroom has also been drawn up.

Website Saucy Dates has compiled a list of the top ten worst phrases to hear from your partner while in the sack – so how many have you heard, or said?

Asking thousands of people for their feedback, the results revealed that for women and men, the top mood-killer to hear from their lover is – the wrong name.

Coming in second for the worst thing a woman to hear is “I can’t do it” while in third place is a clear signal the night’s passion is coming to an end: “I’m going soft.”

For men, being told to get over with, asking what’s for dinner and ‘is that it?’ were the things they hated women saying.


1 Saying the wrong name

2 I can’t do it

3 I’m going soft

4 Did you do this with your ex?

5 What’s your sister like?

6 What should I do next?

7 I don’t love you

8 I’m breaking up with you after this

9 Can I call you mum?

10 You’re always as good as my ex


1 Saying the wrong name

2 I need a poo

3 What’s the time?

4 Is that it?

5 Get it over as quickly as possible

6 Do you think your mum has ever tried this position?

7 What do you want for dinner tomorrow?

8 You remind me of my dad

9 You’re a bit small

10 What was your name again?