Remembering HMS Sheffield on anniversary of Falklands War missile attack that killed 20 - PICTURES

On May 4, 1982, Sheffield suffered one of its darkest days when the city's ship, HMS Sheffield was hit by a missile during the Falklands War.

Friday, 3rd May 2019, 9:24 am
Updated Friday, 3rd May 2019, 9:26 am
The iconic image of HMS Sheffield ablaze in the South Atlantic.

20 crew lost their lives when the D80 destroyer was hit by an Argentine Exocet missile - and the ship sank a few days later on May 10. Here's a pictorial look at HMS Sheffield.

The HMS Sheffield was hit by an Argentine Exocet missile on May 4, 1982 during the Falklands War.
20 crew died in the blast - but the ship remained afloat after the attack.

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Lt Colin Hayley and Chief Petty Officer Terry Turnell were among the survivors.
HMS Sheffield suffered a fatal blow in the May 4 attack - but the ship didn't sink until May 10.
HMS Sheffield Captain Sam Salt after the 1982 attack
The flag that flew on the HMS Sheffield was repatriated to Sheffield Cathedral.
Memorial services are held in Sheffield each year to remember those who died.
The Shiny Sheff pub, which opened in 1969, took the name of a previous HMS Sheffield, but became closely associated with the D80 destroyer lost in the Falklands.
The new HMS Sheffield, launched in 1971 and lost in 1982, was also nicknamed the Shiny Sheff.
A model of HMS Sheffield at the Shiny Sheff pub.
A memorial to those who died on board HMS Sheffield.
The pub's sign was updated to make reference to the Falklands War.
Memories of HMS Sheffield live on through memorial services at Sheffield Cathedral.
Flag bearers remember those who died on the HMS Sheffield.
20 crew died on board the HMS Sheffield in 1982.
The memorial at Sheffield Cathedral for HMS Sheffield.
The memorial to HMS Sheffield at Sheffield Catherdal.