'Real Forrest Gump' ultrarunner returns to Sheffield for signing of his new book

An ultrarunner known as the ‘real Forrest Gump’ came to Sheffield for a signing of his new book about his 15,000 mile run across the US.

Tuesday, 30th November 2021, 2:15 pm
Updated Wednesday, 1st December 2021, 10:12 am
Rob singed books at Myracekit North in Sharrow Vale.

Rob Pope is notorious in running circles for his extreme challenge, the Forrest Gump run, based on one undertaken by the Tom Hanks character - a 422 day 15,600 mile run crossing the US four times.

Rob is came to Sheffield yesterday (November 30) for a much more relaxed park life style run followed by a signing of his book, Becoming Forrest, at independent running shop Myracekit North, in Sharrow Vale.

Forrest… sorry, Rob, said: “The night was a great success. We had a great run around Endcliffe followed by the talk. Everyone in Sheffield has been so supportive. My book came out last month and it’s going up against the likes of Dave Grohl and Bob Mortimer.

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Robert Pope followed Forrest Gump's journey crossing America four times and travelling 15,000 miles in 2018.

"I started writing two months after I got back from the States. The point was never to write a book but I didn’t want to lose these memories of my journey, so I thought let’s just give it a go.

“All these stories just wanted to come out, at some points I was writing five thousand words a day, but the stories are so good it isn’t just a stream of consciousness. I can but hope that Tom Hanks picks up a copy."

Rob was last in Sheffield for a leg of his cannonball park run challenge, where he completed six of the city’s park runs as part of a cross country race from Blackpool to Bridlington.

He added: “I love Sheffield, some really good mates of mine are from there. If I was moving anywhere from Liverpool it would be Sheffield if I can get used to the hills."

Before the signing, Rob completed a 5km park run style race around Endcliffe Park.

The book signing took place after Rob’s 5km race around Endcliffe Park which started at 5pm. Rob stayed at Myracekit North until 7pm to chat, answer questions and of course, sign books.

Rob believes that supporting independent shops is important, and said that when people shop at independents, a greater proportion of their money stays in the local economy than when buying from a chain or online store.

Rob will be holding a book signing at Myracekit North in Sharrow Vale tonight (November 30).