Readers respond to the Prime Minister suggesting the return to imperial measurements

After what has been a chastening period for the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, it could be said that he is looking for a positive. His latest idea is the return of imperial measurements.

Wednesday, 1st June 2022, 2:26 pm

We asked our readers what they thought about Boris Johnson’s suggestion for a return of imperial weights and measures, which would see a reintroduction of pounds and ounces to shops.

Here are a selection of their comments and responses to the PMs latest idea:

Ben Kirkham responded swiftly with a take that was supported by a few of our readers, “Such a Brexit bonus and along with those crowns on pint glasses!!!! The fact we already use it for lots of stuff means it's just more deflecting guff!!”

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LONDON, ENGLAND - OCTOBER 13: British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Chancellor Rishi Sunak head to the weekly cabinet meeting held at the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office on October 13, 2020 in London, England. The Prime Minister chairs first full meeting of the government's decision making unit after announcing their three-tier system of coronavirus measures to the nation yesterday evening. (Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images)

On the other hand, Chris Cannon just put what he had to say right out there, “Another joke by this joke of a government. 23 months and counting to get rid of these parasites.”

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“No, it's 2022, we've moved on from the dark ages”

Neil Taylor was incredulous, “Pounds shillings and pence next? The idiot is a penny short of a pound.”

Paul Wilmot also added his take, “I bet the buffoon isn’t shouting too loud that petrol is now over £8.00 per GALLON! This is more pathetic deflection.”

Jimmy Jimmy responded saying, “Bring them back? Since when did you have to order 568ml of beer in a pub. I’ve never said I was 1.94m tall, or done my weight in kilos. They’ve never been gone! What a whopper.” Technically, Jimmy is right here… ‘a whopper’ is indeed Imperial – as in a quarter pounder.

And Peter Ealey pointed out that, “We already still have pints and miles but we shouldn't try to turn back the clock any more. After spending 50 years in engineering I can't think of anything more stupid than going back to working out 2240 lbs in a ton or measuring in sixteenths of an inch.”

“Good, also pound shillings and pence.”

There were also a fair few comments just saying, ‘No’. Which kind of says it all really.

Colin Dixon says that it is merely, “Virtue signalling to the terminally dim...” Which is a little harsh… but also a fair point on the distraction/deflection techniques being openly enacted in recent times.

Something which Wendy Robinson Reagan says is, “Just another story to take the heat off him.”

Luke Richards says that the PM will do “Anything to try and detract from the sh*te stom of a performance he's put on.”

And Alexis Marie was very clear on where she stands, “I would rather he just f**ked off”, yikes!

“Another joke by this joke of a government"

However, Carol Holt is all for the idea, “Good, also pound shillings and pence.” And crowns and halfpennies too?

David Booth added, “No matter what people think or want any producer will supply goods in whatever measuring system the customer wants. Does it really matter if something is one inch or 25.4mm, they are still both the same.”

And Mary Pye says “That would make my life easier.”

I must admit that one of the best responses came from Ben Johnson, who pointed out that “It's a way of masking the price of things. He's banking on the confusion to hide the massive inflation we're experiencing.” He’s saying it’s all a ruse, like a big blanket to shield us from the truth.

Over on Twitter, @ParkinginSheff wrote, “No, it's 2022, we've moved on from the dark ages.”

And, @leegaryallen added that, “You can literally still weigh anything you want in pounds and ounces. I've got some digital scales at home. Sometimes, when all I can find is a US recipe with backwards measures I have to use the yesteryear settings.”

On the other hand, @steveorton8 said that, “i'd like a different prime minister to… well do anything really!” Not a fan then, understandable.

Thomas Spooner shared his view, “I thought businesses could put both imperial and metric weights and prices on products, like they could have the crown on glasses as long as CE was on, these are just headlines to deflect from more important issues.”

Katia M Davis does not support the PMs suggestion, “No. This makes no sense. Why go backwards? Do they even teach kids the imperial system any more? Miles are bad enough.”

@Ginaspireite was a firm, “No! waste of time and money that business can't afford. Anyway I thought they wanted to focus on the bigger issues!”

Finally, Timewalk Project had this to say, “Wouldn't that cost retail businesses £ms to recalibrate everything? Won't that just add to cost of already spiralling cost of living? Is he trying to kill us?” A view that was shared by a number of users on Twitter.