​Premiere of documentaries aiming to turn the spotlight on knife crime

​For the last year we have been working closely with Big Take Media on a number of projects to raise awareness of knife crime: a short film, a music video and 5 episodes for the documentary series Victims’ Voices.
WHY ME cast By Big Take MediaWHY ME cast By Big Take Media
WHY ME cast By Big Take Media

Last week, we premiered all of our projects at Showroom Cinema, Sheffield over two hard-hitting days.

Day 1 focused on young people as we premiered the projects that they were involved in. Projects included:

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Risk vs Reward documentary, that showed some of the work that Always An Alternative did on the run up to gaining charitable status.

Lisa Theobald with a picture of her son Ryan.Lisa Theobald with a picture of her son Ryan.
Lisa Theobald with a picture of her son Ryan.

WHY ME? a short movie created by 12 young people that attended schools from across Sheffield; All Saints Catholic High, Parkwood E-ACT Academy and Sheaf Training to raise awareness of knife crime. After discussions, the group decided that they wanted to show how knife crime can happen to anyone. Additionally, carrying a knife for protection does not protect you, it leaves you vulnerable to causing heartbreak and pain. During this project the young people took part in lessons on script and story board writing, filming and editing provided by BTM and an acting lesson provided by Theatre deli. This project was created by young people for young people.

Victims voices: Prevention cheaper than the cure. ‘Epidemic’ a widespread occurrence of an infectious disease in a community at a particular time. Is knife crime an epidemic? In this episode we talk with the students and staff at Really NEET to talk about the importance of education around knife crime. We also look into the importance of weapon amnesty bins and providing people with a safe option to dispose of weapons safely. Finally, we talked with Mums United, to see what they are doing to prevent this disease spreading deeper into our communities and the hardships that they face as a charity.

Day 2. The missing part: Ryan (20 years old) and his friend Yanis (17 years old) were stabbed in Doncaster City Centre on 28.01.22 during a night out. Unfortunately, both of the friends died as a result of this barbaric attack. Ryan died from a fatal 15cm wound to the heart after being slashed in the face, tragically he died at the scene. Yanis died in hospital after being chased and stabbed multiple times by the attacker. In this episode we talk with the family and friends of Ryan to hear about the impact it has had on their lives, how they are still tortured by the attackers 2 years later and what Lisa, Ryan’s mother plans to do to spread awareness of knife crime.

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A mothers love from behind bars: Parents do all they can to allow their children to have the best upbringing that they possibly can. There is a constant battle to keep them safe, as boys will be boys. However, how do you try and stop your child from being at the other end of the knife? In this episode we talk to two parents of knife crime perpetrators to see how their children’s actions have had an impact on them. One of the perpetrators was handed a life sentence: 22 years custodial sentence at 19 for murder after a robbery went terribly wrong. The other, also aged 19 years old was sentenced to 26 years custodial sentence for the attempted murder of another young man.

Keaton and Big Ant By Big Take Media.Keaton and Big Ant By Big Take Media.
Keaton and Big Ant By Big Take Media.

Living with the pain: You wake up as normal, to go to sleep as normal, then, you end up the victim of knife crime. In this episode we talk directly to the victims of knife crime to hear about their life changing incidents and send a clear message to those thinking about, or, carrying a knife. Some victims will forgive, others don’t want to give their attackers a space in their hearts to do so. However, one thing is certain, none of them will forget. Their physical injuries may heal, but will the psychological damage?

Knife crime and the brain: Knife crime, Threats and Trauma. In this episode we talk with Cade McCall; Senior Lecturer at The University of York, Chris Hallam; Behavioural Psychologist, Nicola Fitzwilliam; Therapist and Hannah Cawley; Counsellor to understand how our brain works when it is under threat, the reasons why young people might choose to carry knives, what trauma is and its signs. We take a look at the support that is on offer for young people around trauma and what could be done to ensure they receive sufficient support.

The Boundaries remix video was released on Tuesday be sure to check it out on my YouTube channel: www.youtube.com/@Antzjourney. All of the other documentaries will be released over the next few weeks.