Postman wears fancy dress to work to raise money for Sheffield NHS staff

The 50-year-old Royal Mail manager has swapped out his post worker uniform to fundraise for Sheffield hospital staff at the forefront of the coronavirus outbreak.

Friday, 15th May 2020, 1:08 pm
Updated Friday, 15th May 2020, 1:08 pm

Royal Mail manager Andy Oates, from Kiveton Park has set himself the challenge of wearing fancy dress to work everyday in order to raise money for Sheffield Hospitals Charity.

The 50-year-old has been delivering post while dressed as a nun, Super Mario and Spiderman to encourage more people to donate to help NHS workers on the front line.

Andy, who initially set himself a £100 target has now raised more than £480 for the Sheffield charity through donations.

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Andy Oates has been swapping out his post worker uniform for fancy dress this week to raise money for NHS staff in Sheffield.

His sister-in-law Lisa Snowden explained how the post manager came up with the novel fundraising idea.

"My sister, his wife is also a nurse so I think he felt like he wanted to give something back”, she said.

"He sort of forgets himself that he is a key worker and I don't always think people like postmen, bin men and shop workers, I don't think they always get a lot of recognition.

"He just wanted to do something to help people on the front line.”

The Royal Mail manager has been delivering post dressed as a nun to fundraise for hospital staff.

The postman who started the money-raising project on Monday is set to wear his final costume on his shift tomorrow.

Lisa shared how she feels knowing Andy is working hard to cheer people up while he delivers the post during lockdown.

“I feel really proud about the work he's doing, he's been putting in overtime to keep on top of the work load and to do something like this as well, you do feel proud.

"He's definitely got a quirky sense of humour, although the impression I get from his colleagues is that he is very good and professional but he does like people to enjoy their work and be able to have a laugh as well.

"I hope it just brings a smile to people's face as they get their post delivered in the morning, it certainly would for me.”

The money raised will go towards food to keep nurses going during their long shifts and creating care packages for those who unexpectedly have to work overnight.

To donate to Andy’s fundraiser, click here.