Popular Kimberley councillor stands down after serving community for 32 years

Councillor Richard Robinson at the war memorial in Kimberley.Councillor Richard Robinson at the war memorial in Kimberley.
Councillor Richard Robinson at the war memorial in Kimberley.
​A well-loved Kimberley councillor is standing down after serving the community for more than three decades.

​Councillor Richard Robinson has represented Eastwood and Kimberley in borough and county councillor roles for an impressive 32 years.

Richard started out as a borough councillor in Eastwood from 1991 to 1999, before becoming a county councillor for Kimberley and Trowell from 1997 to 2005.

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Since 2003, he has been a borough councillor in Kimberley and said the people have been ‘an integral part’ of his life.

He said: “Despite failing at times, I’ve always tried to be an ambassador for the northern part of Broxtowe and put Kimberley in particular on the map.

“I’ve tried with varying degrees of success to make the town a better place.

“The people of Kimberley have become an integral part of my life for the past 20 odd years. I don’t think there’s a road in Kimberley where I haven’t tried to help someone who has reached out for assistance.”

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The councillor has had many successes in the area over the years, including the skateboard park on Hall om Wong, more play equipment on Knowle Park, speed cameras in Cossall, having footpaths resurfaced, car parking tickets cancelled from Kimberley Precinct and the Ruislip Wall finally getting reduced after 10 years.

He also introduced a new Flexible Working Hours scheme for staff at Broxtowe Borough Council more than 20 years ago that still remains in place.

“There has been huge disappointment too at times,” Richard added.

“I put a huge amount of work into getting a cinema at Giltbrook Retail Park – the owners showed me plans at one point of where they planned to have it, but sadly it never came to fruition.

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“The fact that we never managed to secure the Oxylane development in the north of the borough, has also been a huge blow.

“We would have had a state-of-the-art sports and leisure complex which would have been a huge boost for Kimberley, Nuthall and the surrounding areas.”

Richard has now decided it is time to stand down from his position as councillor and will not be running in local elections on May 4.

He said: “After much careful reflection over the past few months, I believe it is time for me to move on and make way for others.

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“Not being a councillor from May will free up more family time and I am sure new opportunities will arise.

“We’ve not moving house, and you’ll still see me around in around Eastwood and Kimberley – I shall be watching the election results in Broxtowe with keen interest.

“On Friday, May 5, if you want to come and say hi, I’ll be in the Miners Return from 7pm.”