Police officers praised for risking lives to save others in burning car in Sheffield

Two police officers have won praise for risking their own lives to try and save three men trapped in a burning car.

By Lee Peace
Wednesday, 19 June, 2019, 20:53

PC Paul Johnson and PC Craig Sharratt have been nominated for recognition at The National Police Bravery Awards for their heroics in the aftermath of a horror car crash.

PC Paul Johnson and PC Craig Sharratt.

The daring duo were on their way to another incident on January 12, 2018, when they came across a crash scene on a dual carriageway in Sheffield.

As the officers got closer, a blaze broke out at the front of the vehicle and it spread towards the driver and his two male passengers.

With time against them the officers dragged the men out of the burning car.

The officers performed CPR on the casualties until ambulance crews arrived.

Two of the men involved died as a result of the injuries they sustained in the collision.

The officers’ brave actions have now been praised by a number of Star readers on Facebook.

Jodie Walst said: “These officers are not paramedics nor firefighters, but have risked their own lives in order to save others.”

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Adrian Hill simply posted; “Well done.”

Paul McIntyre highlighted how much trauma police officers have to deal with and added it is “Daily business for these. So a reward for doing their jobs? The least they deserve.”

South Yorkshire Police Federation Chairman Steve Kent said the officers had acted entirely selflessly in their attempt to save lives.

He said: “There is no doubt that the actions of the officers gave these men the best possible chance of surviving this tragic incident.

“It was very traumatic and the flames inside the vehicle were so intense they melted batons.

“That they managed to save one of the men involved is a testament to their professionalism and dedication in the face of extreme conditions.”

The National Police Bravery Awards honour officers who have performed outstanding acts of bravery and will be presented to winners at a ceremony in July.