Pinstone Street: Residents give their verdict on plans for free electric bus around Sheffield city centre

Pinstone Street in Sheffield could soon reopen to traffic – this is what residents in the city have said about the plans.

Friday, 22nd October 2021, 8:47 am

The director of city centre development has said that the council is still considering all the options and the road could still be reopened to traffic.

Pinstone Street was closed to traffic in June 2020 as part of the council’s response to the coronavirus pandemic to implement the social distancing guidance.

This meant the removal of some bus movements through the city, relocating them to Rockingham Street and Arundel Gate.

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Pinstone Street was closed to traffic in June 2020

Director Nalin Seneviratne will present a report to a special executive meeting next week but says there is no firm decision yet and a further report is needed.

Senior councillors are also considering a free electric bus, funded as part of the budget process.

It would run through the city centre on a route that is yet to be decided.

The Star has spoken to residents in Sheffield to gather their thoughts on the matter and if they would welcome a free bus.

David Kerslake, aged 76, said: “It would be alright if it stayed closed, it’s just a matter of traffic and how it will get through, but I’m all for it.

“The bus would be a great idea because the one thing about Sheffield was that it’s too long. It’s more than a mile from the Moor bottom to Castle Market.”

Rosy, aged 64, said: “I’d like it open again because we were so used to it being open. I prefer it how it was before, mainly for buses and taxis, not for general people in cars.

“I would welcome the plans for a bus especially if it’s just around the city. We used to have a free bus but they took that away a long time ago.”

Paul Davidson, aged 34, said: “Keep it shut for the pedestrians. Let the city centre be car free.”

Speaking about the proposals for a free electric bus, he added: “The people deserve to have something free, everything costs too much and we’re all struggling as it is, at the moment.”

One man, aged 78, from Shiregreen, said: “We used to use the bus before that was taken away and it is free for us anyway but it’d be nice for the other people.”

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