If walls could talk!If walls could talk!
If walls could talk!

PICS: South Yorkshire urban explorer discovers creepy mansion trapped in time

A South Yorkshire urban explorer has shared pictures of his most intriuging find yet- a ‘huge’ abandoned mansion complete with creepy dolls, discarded handwritten letters and working lighting.

Martin Horton, from Rotherham, ‘couldn’t believe it’ when he went for a drive and came across the deserted house, to which he managed to gain access.

Martin has not revealed the exact location of the mansion, but says the building is near Market Rasen in Lincolnshire.

He’s used to exploring empty properties that have fallen from grace, but believed this one to be particularly unique as the lighting worked due to being powered by oil.

Martin said: “Apparently the owner’s wife died and he moved out because he couldn’t bear to be there anymore.

"That’s what we believe to be true from the research we did."

Keep up to date with Martin’s explorations on his Instagram page: https://www.instagram.com/martin_horton_urban__explorer/