Petrol shortage: Full list of every station in Sheffield where you can and can't buy fuel

At least half of all petrol stations in Sheffield are empty of fuel today following a rush on panic buying over the weekend.

Monday, 27th September 2021, 1:54 pm

The Star phoned every petrol station it could in Sheffield on Monday (September 27) to ask if they had any petrol. The results were bleak.

As of 2pm today, out of 45 petrol stations contacted by the Star today, only five were able to confirm they had fuel on sale.

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Plastic bags have been taped over these pumps at the petrol station at Texaco, Ecclesall Road, as they have run out of fuel.

In contrast, 18 forecourts confirmed they had nothing to offer customers and were waiting on deliveries.

Another 22 garages either did not answer the phone, had no number listed, or directed The Star to customer enquiries.

This included the city’s five branches of Morrisons Petrol and three branches of ASDA petrol. The Star has contacted the supermarkets’ head offices for comment.

Many retail workers who The Star spoke today commented they had received calls already from customers. Several said they were expecting fuel deliveries this afternoon or tomorrow.

A handful even politely advised The Star where they had heard fuel could still be bought in the area.

Which petrol stations have fuel?

The five stations who said they had fuel as of time of writing were:

– Esso, Fulwood Road

– Texaco, East Bank Road

– BP Petrol Station, Bramall Lane

– Shell Petrol, Herries Road

– Esso, Wordsworth Avenue.

The 18 garages that confirmed they had none included: Tesco, Saville Street; Texaco, Penistone Road; Texaco, Burncross Road; White Lane Services, White Lane; Sainsbury’s, Archer Road; BP, Sheffield Road; Co-Op, Worksop Road; Co-op, Birley Moor Road; BP Petrol Station, Greenland Road; Texaco, Chesterfield Road; Shell, Ecclesall Road; Sainsbury’s, Eckington Lane; BP, Retford Road; JET, Bradfield Road; Shell, Carlisle Road.

If you have tips relating to which petrol stations are closed in Sheffield, email [email protected]

Why is there a fuel shortage?

Since Friday, the Government has tried to assuage fears that there is not a ‘fuel shortage’.

The panic buying began when a handful of BP garages reported they would have to shut because of a shortage brought on by a lack of HGV drivers to deliver fuel. Tesco was also affected.

However, this led motorists to buying up fuel at other non-affected petrol stations, which had led to an actual fuel shortage from Friday and over the weekend at the point of sale.

The issue at BP was itself exacerbated by the shortage of HGV drivers nationwide, Brexit and the pandemic.

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps has discouraged drivers from panic buying petrol, advising them to “carry on as usual”.

He told Sky News: “The advice would be to carry on as normal, and that is what BP is saying as well.”

Queues at forecourts has not been such a problem today – however, this is in part due to word of mouth spreading as to where has fuel to sell to begin with.

As well as ongoing fuel shortages, Sheffield motorists are being urged to plan ahead and book their vehicles in for MOTs amid a fear of a shortage of appointments in the city.

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