Orgreave anniversary: Photos show campaigners rally in Sheffield on anniversary of ‘Battle of Orgreave’

Hundreds of campaigners marched through Sheffield city centre as they called for an inquiry into policing during the national miners’ strike - 39 years since the ‘Battle of Orgreave’.

Supporters of the Orgreave Truth and Justice Campaign (OTJC) gathered outside Sheffield City Hall on Saturday (June 17), as they renewed their calls for a public inquiry into how striking miners were treated by police at the former Orgreave Coking Plant on June 18, 1984.

The OTJC claims that striking miners were assaulted and falsely arrested on that day for ‘fighting for their jobs and communities’. A total of 95 miners were arrested, to be later acquitted by the courts.

In 2016, Home Secretary Amber Rudd announced there would be no inquiry or independent review, but the campaign has continued, buoyed by a decision by the Scottish Government to hold an independent review into the impact of policing during the miners' strike in Scotland. The Home Office said its decision was made in light of changes to policing over the last 30 years.

The march was led by the Unite Brass Band and supported by dozens of trade union members carrying signs and flags, as well as former miners who were arrested at Orgreave. A series of speakers gave their support for the OTJC’s call for the inquiry.

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