Kind-hearted police officers attend funeral of Sheffield man with no family after tragic death

South Yorshire PoliceSouth Yorshire Police
South Yorshire Police
Three police officers used their rest days to attend the funeral of a Sheffield pensioner with no family who they tried to save after he collapsed alone at home.

South Yorkshire Police has revealed how one of its community teams fought to save an elderly man after his neighbours reported they were concerned for his welfare.

In the incident last month, Walkley Policing Team and A Group Response attended a man’s flat after one of his neighbours rang emergency services.

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After gaining entry to the property, the officers discovered an elderly man who had collapsed and was in a desperate condition.

In a post on the South Yorkshire Police Facebook page, the team wrote: “The team, including one of our newest student officers, managed to stabilise the man, talking to him as he fell in and out of consciousness until paramedics arrived."

Sadly, the unnamed man died shortly after reaching hospital.

After ruling out any foul play, the team discovered the elderly man had no family they could contact.

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Now, South Yorkshire Police has shared how three officers from the team who fought to save the man’s life gave up their free time to attend his funeral.

The post reads: “Last week, PCSO Jeanette Sparkes, PCSO Tony Hizam and Sergeant Simon Kirkham attended his funeral, arranged by the local authority, on their rest days and lunch breaks.

“Our officers wanted to attend, to ensure in the absence of family, that there were people there to mark the man’s life.

"It’s not all drugs raids and criminals, a lot of the time, being a cop is simply about being human.”