Nick breaks silence on shared house after viewers weep at 999: What’s Your Emergency

An elderly Doncaster resident has revealed how he has been besieged with messages from well-wishers after a TV programme focusing on a break-in at his home left viewers in tears.

Wednesday, 13th January 2021, 1:33 pm

Nick, 67, who comes from Wheatley, was seen on Monday night’s edition of 999: What’s Your Emergency? telling how he was living in fear after constant break-ins and anti-social behaviour at his multiple occupancy home.

But now he has revealed that while still at the house, he’s doing much better and how he’s been overwhelmed with messages from kind-hearted strangers, including a funding campaign to help him which has so far raised more than £1,000.

He said: “I’m still in the same shared house but things have improved a great deal. I have new housemates who have made the place a lot calmer and easier to be.”

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Nick's plight left viewers in tears. (Photo: Channel 4).

He added: “I have a group of really fantastic friends who take brilliant care of me. I’m shielding and so they do my shopping and drop it off and make sure I’m OK. I also have a neighbour who cooks me the occasional hot meal which is a real treat and much appreciated.

“Thank you to everyone for your good wishes and support, it’s been a real shock but definitely a nice one.”

He has recently taken delivery of a new push bike and he was looking forward to using it for exercise and generally getting out and about. However, due to him shielding during lockdown he must wait a little longer before he can get into the saddle.

He said: “I’ve been trying to get hold of a new bike for quite some time. A few weeks ago, a good friend helped me out by ordering one online and I was thrilled! I hope it won’t be too long before I can make use of it.”

PC Keeley Lees who attended the incident at Nick’s flat said: “I’m really pleased to hear that things have improved for Nick, it’s been lovely to hear from him. Sadly, his story is one we often come across and I urge you all to look out for each other in any way you can.”