Nearly all of stolen Mi Amigo memorial items have been returned thanks to Sheffield's 'Miss Marple'

Most of the World War Two memorabilia, notes and songs were found in a bin by Sheffield’s ‘Miss Marple’, Paula Muzyczka.

Saturday, 25th April 2020, 5:57 pm

It’s after thieves stole the majority of items from the Mi Amigo memorial in Endcliffe Park – which honours the B-17 crew who lost their lives in 1944.

Paula Muzyczka cleaned up the dozens of poems, letters and flags which found dumped in a bin, that pay tribute to the Mi Amigo crew who died after their plane crashed landed in 1944.

She returned the memorabilia to the shrine in Endcliffe Park – including Tony Foulds wreath name card, which was taken on Tuesday.

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Tony Foulds with Paula Muzyczka, who helped return the memorial to its former glory.

Tony, who was a schoolboy when he saw the B-17 bomber crash over 76 years ago, is now ‘over the moon’ the items have been returned.

Julie Forrest, 58, who helps Tony look after the memorial, said: “I was helping Paula put everything back today when Tony caught us.

“At first he thought we had just got flags but then he saw that we had all the pictures, certificates and coins and things, he was absolutely made up he was.

"He’s absolutely over the moon now because he was so upset when it had all been taken.”

The Mi Amigo crew.

The 58-year-old from Fulwood, has expressed her gratitude for Paula, who she called ‘Miss Marple’.

"She has done a fabulous job, we've called her our very own Miss Marple.

“She found so many things and took it upon herself to take them home and tidy them up.

“And it was a really nice surprise for Tony when he saw it – he was absolutely thrilled.”

Tony Foulds.

Julie now hopes the returned items will send a strong signal to the thief who originally took the memorabilia.

“I'm hoping that message gets through to whoever did it and that it caused a lot of heartache and distress to a lot of people.

"A lot of people come and get pleasure from seeing the memorial looking like it does, with colour and the poppies and it's nice to have memories looking back on.”