Nearly 20% of people in Doncaster don’t consider sex as cheating, survey reveals

Nearly 20% of people in Doncaster don’t consider sex with anyone person as cheating, a new survey has revealed.

Monday, 29th April 2019, 11:35 am
What do you consider cheating?

The study also found that 1/5 of people would stay with their partner after infidelity while more than 80% believe you can cheat without any physical interaction.

A large percentage of Brits have admitted that they’d turn a blind eye and stay with their partner even if they’d cheated.

What do you consider cheating?

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Research conducted by law firm Simpson Millar, specialists in divorce. has revealed what acts the public consider to be cheating and whether they’d forgive or break up with their other half.

A poll split between men, women, married, divorced, widowed and singletons was conducted to find out if all is fair in love and war.

The study revealed that 13 million members of the public would remain with their partner if they’d done the deed with someone else.

Liverpudlians were the most lenient with 25 per cent saying they’d forgive their other half if they cheated followed by residents of Leeds (23%) and Newcastle (21%).

When looking into which activities the public associated with cheating,18 per cent didn’t believe sexual intercourse was a form of infidelity.

Eighteen to 24-year olds were the least concerned with almost a third claiming they’d sleep with someone else and wouldn’t consider it cheating.

Sixty-nine per cent of women surveyed claimed they’d divorce their partner if they kissed someone else whilst men didn’t consider this a heinous act with only 47 per cent seeing it as a serious issue. 

Surprisingly those who are married found kissing to not be a serious issue (51%) in comparison to singletons (62%) and those in a relationship (72%).

It’s not just physical acts that the public consider cheating with 82 per cent of those surveyed suggesting that their partner would be cheating if they sent messages, flirted in person or bought gifts from someone outside of the relationship.

The 12 acts of cheating and the percentage of Brits that would leave their partner because of it:

Sexual intercourse (81%) Sexual contact (78%) Kissing (59%) Sharing a bed (54%) Using a dating app whilst in a relationship (48%) Flirtatious texting (42%) Sexual advances via webcam/facetime/video (39%) Flirting in person (27%) Getting a lap dance (24%) Buying someone a gift without your partners knowledge (21%) Fantasising about someone in bed (16%) Liking images on social media (8%)

When committing adultery 73 per cent of people claimed they’d be more tempted to do it abroad rather than their own doorstep.

Men are more likely to stray with 1 in 5 open to a holiday romance outside of their relationship whilst only 1/14 women were enticed.

Alcohol was also considered a large factor when playing away with 1 in 5 participants claiming they wouldn’t consider it cheating if they were drunk during the act.

Those living in Belfast were most likely to do the deed drunk with 37 per cent claiming it doesn’t count when intoxicated, this was followed by residents of Newcastle (32%) and Glasgow (31%).

Family members are more trusted than anyone when outing a cheater with two thirds of the public willing to believe them over their partner, whilst a stranger contacting you would only be trusted 30 per cent of the time.

Women are more likely to doubt their partner with two thirds willing to believe anyone if informed them of their betrayal whilst only 1 in 5 would question their other half.

On the cusp of a break up the UK are more likely to stray with 71 per cent respondents signalled they’d be tempted to cheat if they knew they were about to leave their current partner. Those living in the North West were the most keen to cheat whilst still in a relationship with Manchester topping the poll (51%) and Liverpool coming second (49%).

When it comes to new relationships respondents suggested they’d wait four months before putting all their eggs in one basket and continue to date other people.

Residents of Newcastle are the most love drunk amongst us with 35 per cent claiming they’d remain loyal to one person after a single date this was followed by Birmingham (26%) and Brighton (24%).