Mystery 'Robin Hood' strikes again - this time dropping £2000 to shoppers at Meadowhall

A Sheffield man, calling himself Robin Loxley, has struck again. This time, he dropped £2,000 to lucky shoppers at Meadowhall on Christmas Eve (December 24).

Wednesday, 25th December 2019, 12:38 pm
Updated Friday, 27th December 2019, 3:25 pm
Robin's calling card

This time, he dropped £2,000 to lucky shoppers at Meadowhall on Christmas Eve.

In a video posted on his Instagram account 'outlaw_robinloxley', the man, whose identity remains a mystery said: "Merry Christmas @lovemeadowhall cash drop £2,000. I hope I did not cause too much trouble it was not my intention.

"I just want to make people's Christmas. God bless the security staff and police keeping the shoppers safe".

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Robin Loxley has been leaving money in Sheffield in plain sight, inspired by the city's historic association with the legendary outlaw.

Appeared clad in black, Robin was seen dropping the cash from the first floor to the shoppers on the lower arcade near the Main Dome.

The video however did not show his face as he disappeared as soon as he dropped the cash.

Robin Loxley - a Steel City version of legendary street artist Banksy based on the city's long standing association with Robin Hood - made national headlines after hiding £20 notes in plain sight in October, just waiting to be picked up by members of the public.

It was reported that he had already given £500 away by hiding the money in several locations, and had another £1000 in gold coins and ingots that he would give to deserving people.

Previously, Robin had also broken into an empty city centre shop to leave a giant painting in the window emblazoned with the slogan 'another blank canvas' to draw attention to what he says is the decline of the city's high street shops which are struggling to compete with internet giants.