Mum seeks ‘guardian angel’ who saved son’s life on Sheffield bus

A grateful mother is searching for the ‘guardian angel’ who saved her son's life on board a bus in Sheffield, so she can say a proper thankyou.

By The Newsroom
Wednesday, 03 April, 2019, 20:55

Charlie Wilkins was on the number 8 bus when the six-year-old began choking on a sweet which had become lodged in his throat.

Not knowing what to do, his mum Laura screamed in desperation for fellow passengers to come to his aid.

Charlie Wilkins with his mum Laura

Luckily, a quick-thinking stranger rushed to the rescue, bending Charlie over before delivering a series of sharp blows to his back which dislodged the sweet, enabling him to breathe again.

Laura thanked the woman profusely at the time and hugged her before getting off the bus near their home in Base Green.

But the 31-year-old hairdresser said it only dawned on her later how she could have lost her only child were it not for the woman’s prompt actions.

When Charlie complained about having a sore throat that evening, she took him to A&E, where a medic told her the stranger had probably saved Charlie’s life.

"I told the doctor it's going round and round my head thinking what could have happened if she wasn’t there, and he replied ‘it’s exactly what you’re thinking. Charlie could have died. He’s a very lucky boy’,” she said.

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“I can’t thank her enough, and Charlie, his dad Gary and I all want to visit her to properly express our gratitude. She’s our guardian angel and deserves an award for what she did. I'd give her my life for saving Charlie.

“When I thanked her on the bus she said she was used to doing it with her grandchildren, but I don't think she realises she probably saved my boy’s life.”

Laura said she had boarded the bus on Haymarket in the city centre with Charlie and her mum Susan on Monday, at around 3.20pm.

It was a few minutes later when she said he put his hand to his mouth before pointing at his throat and nodding when she asked if he was choking.

She said Charlie had been badly shaken that day by what had happened but was now ‘thriving’ and wanted to meet the woman who saved his life.

Were you the woman who came to Charlie’s aid, or do you know her? Email and we will pass your details on to Laura and her family.