Million Pound Pawn couple from Sheffield walk away empty handed after expecting £2.5m pay day

A Sheffield couple were sent away empty handed on ITV’s Million Pound Pawn after vying for a £2.5m payday.

Sheffield broker Dan Hatfield had his work cut out on the primetime show last night (June 24) to find a buyer for what would have been his “biggest deal to date”.

Married couple Gloria and Mick came to the show asking them to help sell their fully restored Victorian railway carriage.

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A Sheffield couple appeared on ITV's Million Pound Pawn last night hoping to earn £2.5m for their restored Victorian train carriage. (C) Twofour

They asked for £2.5m to sell the passion project, which they had restored from total ruin.

Standing at 60ft long, eight feet wide and 13ft high, the carriage dates back to 1886. It was built to be an East Coast first class railing carriage and it would run from London Kings Cross to Edinburgh before it was forgotten to time.

Dan said: “I have never seen a train carriage like it before, it could be my biggest deal to date.”

The episode revealed how the carriage had been in Gloria's family since she was a child, and it ‘came with her’ when she married Mick. Gloria's father bought a plot of land on the edge of a cliff and the carriage was there, and when they sold the land Mick restored it.

Mick said: “We don't know how long we will be around to look after it.”

Over the course of the show, Dan called in a Victorian Railway Historian who praised it as “brilliantly preserved” – but advised it could potentially sell the carriage for only half a million.

The historian dubbed the railway carriage as the Victorian equivalent of a private jet.

Dan said: “Having to deal with the perception of the price and manage expectations is tough.

“When I first looked at the carriage I was worried I would really struggle but, I'm excited to say I have found a potential buyer which is great - I am confident that a sizable offer will be made - I know it will be £1m plus.

“I think we are on track.”

Sadly, there was no offer made during the episode and Mick and Gloria's search continues.

Meanwhile, in the same episode, a woman sold her precious Rolex watch for upwards of £500,000.