Melting in the Sheffield heatwave? Here are five places you can still buy a fan to keep cool

With Sheffield in the midst of a heatwave, and the temperature expected to be in the high through to the weekend, fans are selling out across the city.

By Steven Ross
Tuesday, 20th July 2021, 4:06 pm
A heatwave has brought extremely warm weather to Sheffield
A heatwave has brought extremely warm weather to Sheffield

Sheffield Telegraph reporter Steven Ross – who has been struggling to sleep in tropical temperatures himself – hit the city centre streets to see where still had the summer essentials for sale.


For those on a budget but still in need of a cool down, Poundland a USB fan for a cool £2, which a note on the packaging modestly describes as ‘perfectly priced.’

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A range of fans for sale at Ryman from phone fans to LED message fans.

This may be more effective as a backup for when your main fan gives up the ghost, but for the price you can’t go far wrong. If you’re working from home or an office without AC, this little fan is perfect for connecting to your laptop so that you have a light breeze during an otherwise stuffy 9-5.


The Argos store inside Sainsbury’s has a range of fans available to click and collect. While some of the higher priced options are currently out of stock, a strong collection can still be found. From the classic 12” oscillating desk fan (£17.99), to the more luxurious 16” pedestal fan (£27.99), and even the 29” tower fan (£31.99). When it comes to fans, it seems size really does matter.


The bubble fan, the cheapest fan on offer. Probably for good reason.

We are in the big league now. Ryman has pulled out of the stops, showcasing a fan for every fan-atic. Of course, they stock the 16” pedestal fan (£39.99), 12” desk fan (£34.99), and a 13” mini tower fan (£19.99). But what puts Ryman ahead of the fan game is the more unusual fans they have in store, the kind of fans you wouldn’t even dream of.

Phone fans (a small fan blade you can plug into your iPhone or Android) for £3, a colour changing USB air cooler (£19.99), and even an LED message fan which you can programme to show any message you choose (£19.99).

If that is all a bit much and you just want to get back to basics, the handheld mini cooling fan, available in green or white, can be snapped up for just £2.


Fans at Argos which are available for click and collect.

With the fall of Debenhams and the loss of John Lewis, Atkinsons is flying the flag for department stores in Sheffield. It may not be as out there as Ryman – there’s no LEDs or phone fans to be found here – but for the traditionalist there’s a lot to love, and for a reasonable price. A sleek copper USB desk fan can be picked up for £4.99.

The standard 12” desk fan is £19.99, coming in between Argos and Ryman price-wise. And for those wanting to push the boat out a little further, the remote control digital fan which shows the temperature on a digital display, may just be the ultimate in home cooling systems. This bad boy is priced at £64.99, making the most expensive fan found on The Moor by some margin.


Last and by all means least is Primark’s handheld bubble fan. A fan which an employee described to me and the “cheap easily breakable kids’ fan over in the corner”.

Atkinsons has a range of fans for different budgets.

The saving grace of this fan is that it is certainly the cheapest option, at just £1. In the handle of this fan is a bubble blowing kit, and in all likelihood that’s the most effective part of the product.

However, if your child is whining incessantly because of the heat, buying them this toy may at least stop their howling. Not because the fan will have cooled them down, but because they’ll be busy blowing pretty bubbles in the air.

Two of the more highly priced fans at Atkinsons.
Poundland's £2 desk fan.