Lost pigeon causes chaos in Sheffield bank after going missing 200 MILES away

A lost racing pigeon has been discovered almost 200 miles away from his release in after getting trapped in a Sheffield bank.

Friday, 2nd July 2021, 8:19 am

The bird was one of thousands that went missing up and down the UK on June 19 – and it flew inside the Halifax branch on High Street on Tuesday, flapping around the branch and crashing into windows as it was unable to find a way out.

Luckily, among those in the queue was Hezzie James, who runs Wildlife in Need UK, a charity which looks after vulnerable animals who is used to handling birds.

Thousands of pigeons failed to return home after being released at various points along the south coast on June 19. They would usually return home in hours.

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They had been released in Weymouth by the Royal Pigeon Racing Association branch in Newport, Shropshire.

Hezzie, who lives near the city centre, said: "On my break, I popped into Halifax bank in Sheffield city centre. The pigeon had got in through the open door. It was already in the bank an trying to get out.

“Staff were worried for its safety, as it was crashing into the glass.

“I came up behind him slowly and grabbed him in one movement.”

Bank staff provided a carboard box to put it in and she queued up with the bird to do what she needed in the bank.

She noticed a ring on the bird which helped her trace its owner.

It was one of thousands that went missing on June 19, at various points along the south coast, and failed to return home. This is believed to be due to unusually atmospheric conditions

She has called him bird "Steel" because he found in Sheffield and because of his pure grit and determination.

Relieved owner Gary Lewis came to collected Steel on Wednesday, and said he would keep the name.

Gary said Steel was fine now and happy to be with his pigeon lady friend in his loft in Shropshire.

"I raced 17 that day and only six came back. I was very worried about him and I’m so grateful to Hezzie for finding him.”