Letter from the editor - Changes to The Star website

The Star loves Sheffield and we strive every day to make sure our readers are up-to-date with what is happening in your city and are first to hear about breaking news.

By Nancy Fielder
Wednesday, 4th September 2019, 7:11 pm
The Star has been serving Sheffield since 1887
The Star has been serving Sheffield since 1887

We are incredibly proud to be the trusted source of independent, high-quality journalism in one of the country's biggest cities, a position we've held for more than 130 years.

Everyone in Sheffield remembers the shouts of 'late Star' on Fargate and the scores of vans emblazoned with our red logo that used to carry news across the city as soon as the final edition rolled off the presses in York Street.

The Star holds a unique role in Sheffield's heritage and our journalists are the only ones who have recorded every event in the city to a high standard over the decades - but we are also excited about the future.

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We have transformed our newsroom and now work hard to make sure you have all today’s news and information at your fingertips on your mobile phone, tablet, laptop or PC.

And we will continue to adapt and evolve our unrivaled service to meet your needs in our fast-paced digital world.

We love providing you with the news and we trust that you want to stay on this journey with us.

But quality journalism costs money and so today we are calling on the support of our loyal readers to sustain this by subscribing to thestar.co.uk.

Our new subscription is focused on helping you stay in the know and a better online news service. We have listened to what our online readers want and this means fewer advertisements, access to our newsletters and free access to the app version of The Star.

Through your support we will be able to keep focusing on the news you want to read and report more on the issues that matter to you. It gives our journalists the freedom to continue reporting on the important events of the day; focusing on factual storytelling which impacts on your lives, investigating, holding powers to account, being your voice and fighting for justice.

With an increase in unregulated content and inaccurate news available through social media it is more important than ever that our regulated and trusted voice remains loud and clear - and talking for you.

We don't just report on Sheffield - we are part of Sheffield and understand what makes our city tick. We are proud of Sheffield but also angry about the many things which could be better, should be better - and we will keep fighting to push this city forward.

Please do get in touch with suggestions for how you believe we could improve our coverage, stories we should be writing and communities we need to support more.

You are at the centre of what we do - and so from today we will be counting on your continued support through online subscription.