Langlands Garden Centre, Loxley, appeals for help after baby Jesus and Mary figures are stolen from nativity scene

They don’t necessarily have to be three wise men.

Wednesday, 24th November 2021, 10:14 pm
The nativity scene at the garden centre in Loxley, where Jesus and Mary have gone missing

But a garden centre is appealing for someone to track down baby Jesus for them, after both he and Mary were apparently taken from their nativity scene earlier this week.

The scene at the entrance to Langlands Garden Centre in Loxley has been welcoming visitors for many years at Christmas time and is a popular part of their festive celebrations.

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But at the weekend staff noticed two key figures were missing, that of the baby Jesus, and mother Mary, and were not in the garden centre at all.

They are now appealing for Sheffield residents who may have seen the figures to help them reunite the figures with the scene.

Assistant manager at the centre, Jamie Hewings, said: “They’ve taken baby Jesus and Mary and left all of the other things in there – it’s not a nice thing to do. We have put it out on social media to see if anybody knew anything about it.

"We’ve had this nativity scene for years so we can’t really replace them (the figures)."

A member of the weekend team noticed the figures had been taken from the centre, based on West Lane, but the staff aren’t sure exactly when it was that it happened.

Jamie added: “The staff member who spotted it couldn’t believe it had happened. Why at a Christmas nativity scene would someone would want to take the two main things out of it?

"It would be fantastic if anybody does know where they are and we could get them back.”