Investigation as passenger ‘subjected to homophobic abuse’ by Sheffield bus driver

A passenger has accused a Sheffield bus driver of shouting homophobic abuse at him

Monday, 24th May 2021, 1:53 pm

A bus company has launched an investigation after a passenger claims a driver hurled homophobic abuse at him.

Ryan Cox 28, said a First driver called him 'a puff', and a 'freaky looking weirdo' because he told him he had set off too early.

When Ryan took a picture of the driver on his phone, the driver told him "I'll stomp on your phone if you don't delete that photo.”

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Ryan Cox, 28 claims bus driver shouted homophobic abuse at him.

Ryan said the incident on Sunday (May 23) happened after he tried to get on the 7pm 11a bus after finishing work on Arundel Gate.

He said: “At 6.56 I was walking out the door, and the bus (11a) was already parked up. I was a few steps away from the bus, I saw the driver look at me, and he drove off (It was still 6.56pm , four minutes early).

“The bus behind him opened it's doors, and the driver shouted "you need that bus? Jump on!" - which was so lovely of him. He finally caught up whilst it was parked at a bus stop, so I said thanks and ran for the one I needed.

Luckily there was a queue - as I got on I said to him: "By the way, you left Arundel Gate early" he replied with a sharp "no, I didn't",

"I wasn't waiting to make a scene - I just wanted to make him aware, because the next one would have been an hour later.

He then cut me off saying: "Either shut up and get on, or get off my bus".

Ryan says the driver launched into a torrent of abuse after he asked for his number to report him to the bus firm.

Rob Hughes, Operations Director at First South Yorkshire said;” A tweet received through our social media platform was brought to our attention today, concerning a customer who is alleging that homophobic language was directed towards them when in conversation with one of our bus drivers.

"We take all matters such as this very seriously and will be undertaking a thorough investigation into the allegations and appropriate action will be taken once the driver has been identified and an interview has taken place.”