International Cat Day - here are 15 of our readers' cat pics

We asked our readers to share their favourite pet photos of the week – here are 15 more of the best ones we’d received.

Tuesday, 17th August 2021, 3:54 pm

Take a look at the lovely, cute and amusing photos that our readers have sent in. These photos were certainly the pick of a wonderful bunch.

Paul Zeun: Jasmine hiding in the loo rolls

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Alicia Baker: Thackeray Binx! He takes up all the sofa! The kiddies have made him believe he's a baby so loves been cradled like one he fetches friends to the back door for treats! He's more like a dog than a cat! Makes our postman chuckle how he comes to door when someone knocks
Kendra Fawley: This is Loki aka mr meowi He’s very vocal
Adina Rus: Good night..from Bella
Paul Atkin: Evan..rescue cat from the Cats Protection
Judith Toulson: My boy Bobby.
Susan van der Veen: Charlie doesn’t like anyone. But we love him Charlie is also spoilt. And is in charge
Lisa Salt: This is my sphynx Amara
Casey-Castley Jo: Winnie in the Christmas tree
Mel Reilly: Acey Boo is my 5 year old rescue cat. She's such a diva though!! Should be called Mariah!!
Phill Thiel: Mr Fudge ready for a night out
Colleen Jade: Our baby Taylor x
Leah Maria: Lord Rodney
Lisa Shaw: Chelsea Brunt morning stretches for boots
Mickey Pearce: Clifford 12 years old enjoying the sun.