International Cat Day - here are 15 of our readers' cat pics

We asked our readers to share their favourite pet photos of the week – here are 15 of the best ones we’d received.

By Diana Stannard
Tuesday, 10th August 2021, 11:19 am

Take a look at the lovely, cute and amusing photos that our readers have sent in. These photos were certainly the pick of a wonderful bunch.

cat collage
Adrian Finney: Myrtle says thank you all for entering but she has already declared herself victorious. She doesn’t care if her face is covered in flour. She was “helping” whilst we were baking and as her slaves, sorry “loyal subjects,” we should be eternally grateful for her help.

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Maria Jayne Hunter: This is little Nutmeg, she’s a pretty girly
Jeanette Hamilton: Gizmo loves his cuddles!!
Maria Sharman: Stripe my hero saved my life she was telling me something was wrong with me yes she was right I had cancer
Jane Beardshaw: Luther in his favourite sleeping position
Joy Wright: Gandalf, our rescue cat from Cat Action Trust 1977 Doncaster South Branch Cats & Kittens for Adoption
Tracey Jackson: This is Maj our fur baby who is 5yrs old on Saturday 7/8 and now has only one eye bless her. So pretty still
Kay-leigh Boot: This is Elsa, she sticks her tail in the bath before I get in to make sure it’s the right temperature shes my own personal lifeguard!
Linda Haley; Ginger playing hide and seek in his favourite place x
Tom Weightman: Lucky winning at Yahtzee
Jane Darrell: This is our fluff (fluffy)he such a poser
Bev Kidd: Otis looking rather dapper in his tie
Jusinda Johnson: Alfie with his extra fluffy tail
Annabel Weeden: Jemima Puddlecat mid yawn
Emma Pashley Stevenson: Cecelia enjoying the springtime flowers